Field Applications Engineer

Meet SkyGeo

SkyGeo is an Earth Observation 2.0 company. Our global data feed starts on a satellite and provides millimeter accurate deformation data to customers all over the world.

This InSAR-based deformation data is fundamentally changing the way our customers look at their assets. We help people manage their maintenance for the long term and we help prevent environmental disasters.

Working for SkyGeo is exciting and inspiring and challenges you to excel. You will have an opportunity to grow and innovate since the company is at the forefront in InSAR, computational techniques and global data delivery.

We have offices in Delft, Houston and San Francisco

Job Description

We are looking for an engineer or geoscientist who will find news ways to implement and integrate our data in reservoir engineering practices. This position will be located in our Delft office.


  • Processing, modeling and visualization of data in the software system
  • Apply the algorithms to datasets in the context of specific projects
  • Discover ways for process automation
  • Work with civil engineering and surveying domain experts at customers and partners


  • B.Sc. or equivalent, preferably in Civil Engineering, Applied Mathematics or Geodesy
  • Knowledge and experience with technical computing software such as MatLab
  • Hands-on experience with either conventional geodetics or surveying methods or with InSAR is a plus

Personal characteristics

  • Work accurately; detail orientation
  • Great team player in a technical project environment
  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills
  • Inquisitive, willing to learn our novel techniques


Delft, The Netherlands




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