Are you a sewer expert who wants to use available data for predictive maintenance and early warnings?

Join this fast-paced intro to InSAR for sewer systems with SkyGeo’s Johannes Smits! During this content-packed interactive workshop, you will learn how to kickstart the use of satellite data for your sewers. Most importantly you will hear about examples of sewer cases from other practitioners.

What will we cover?

Part 1: Building the Foundation
– Introduction to InSAR (what, why and the technique): validate and trust
– Signal and noise: filtering
– From local deterministic measurements to large data sets

Part 2: Using the data
– How to design a pilot for validation
– InSAR for preventive maintenance planning of sewer systems: translating InSAR data to insights
– How to measure and manage performance
– Future proofing the data

Assignments during the session
1. Sketch your sewer case & determine the data period, resolution and configuration
2. Design your first InSAR experiment
3. Use this workshop to engage your colleagues

  • For sewer experts
  • Date & Time: on demand
  • Location: Delft
  • Language: English, Dutch
  • Sign up: info@skygeo.com

For Sewer specialists `


Who is this for?

The workshop caters mainly to management and planners of sewer system maintenance. Pipeline managers (or any asset owner, actually) can benefit from InSAR. Who doesn’t want to get optimal insight into the condition of assets?

More about your trainer

Johannes Smits has a 20-year track record of working with geodata and applying them for real-world use. He will focus on sustainable asset management by application of InSAR. In 2018 he launched SkyGeo’s Risk Audit for buildings in the Netherlands and he develops new business cases with innovative Geo-data. Johannes is a professional with feet on the ground and hands on the data.

More about our Workshops

Our workshops are for InSAR users who want to take their knowledge and expertise to the next level. Each Workshop tackles one of four regularly rotating topics: validate & trust, visualize & use, apply & integrate, discover & future.

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